Interior & Exterior Car Detailing

Car Detailing in Al Quoz, Dubai

Why Do You Need Car Detailing Service in Dubai?

Car detailing service in Dubai is essential for several reasons:

  1. Extreme Weather Conditions: Dubai experiences harsh weather, including scorching heat and sandstorms, which can take a toll on your car’s exterior. Regular detailing helps protect the paint and finish from sun damage and sand abrasion.  
  2. Improved Aesthetics: Detailing enhances the appearance of your car, restoring its shine and making it look brand new. This is especially important for luxury and high-end vehicles, as well-maintained cars retain their value better. 
  3. Preserving Resale Value: Regular detailing helps preserve your car’s resale value. A well-maintained vehicle with a clean and fresh interior is more appealing to potential buyers. 
  4. Interior Comfort and Health: Detailing includes thorough cleaning of the interior, removing dirt, stains, and allergens, which improves air quality and enhances passenger comfort. 
  5. Protecting Upholstery and Surfaces: Detailing includes treating and protecting the car’s upholstery and surfaces, preventing premature wear and tear. 
  6. Attention to Detail: Professional detailing services pay close attention to every nook and corner of your vehicle, ensuring it receives a comprehensive and thorough cleaning. 


Overall, car detailing in Dubai is not just about aesthetics but also a practical and necessary step to protect your car from the challenging environmental conditions and preserve its value and longevity.

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Our Car Detailing Services

Protone Auto Care is your go-to car detailing provider in Dubai, UAE, dedicated to bringing your vehicle’s shine back to life. Our team of skilled professionals is passionate about delivering top-notch detailing services that cater to the specific needs of your car.

From the exterior to the interior, we leave no corner untouched, paying meticulous attention to every detail. Our comprehensive car detailing packages include a range of services such as paint correction, polishing, waxing, and ceramic coating for long-lasting protection against harsh elements.

Step into a refreshed and pristine interior with our thorough interior detailing, encompassing deep cleaning, stain removal, and upholstery treatment to create a comfortable and healthy driving environment.

At Protone Auto Care, we take pride in using premium products and advanced techniques to achieve exceptional results for your vehicle. Whether you own a luxury car, an SUV, or a family sedan, our tailored car detailing services ensure that your car looks its best and maintains its value.

What’s Involved in Our Car Detailing Services?

Our comprehensive car detailing packages include a range of services including:

  • Interior detailing
  • Exterior detailing
  • Engine bay detailing
  • Paint protection coating & paint correction
  • Ceramic coating
  • Car polishing
  • Odor elimination
  • Wheel and rim detailing

Our car detailing services are customizable, and we use premium products and techniques to ensure your vehicle receives top-notch care and protection.

Why Choose Protone Auto Care for Your Car Detailing Services in Al Quoz, Dubai?

There are many reasons why you should choose Protone Auto Care for your car detailing services in Al Quoz, Dubai. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • We are a reputable and experienced auto detailing center. We have been in business since 2002 and have a team of experienced professionals who are experts in car detailing services in Dubai.
  • Expertise and experience Our team consists of skilled professionals with extensive experience in car detailing. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, ensuring your car looks its best.
  • Personalized services. We understand that every car is unique, and so are its detailing needs. Our services are tailored to suit your car’s specific requirements, ensuring a customized approach to detailing.
  • Premium Products. We use only high-quality detailing products and advanced techniques to achieve superior outcomes. Your car receives top-notch care with the best products available in the market.
  • Comprehensive Detailing. From exterior to interior, we cover all aspects of car detailing to ensure your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, polished, and protected.
  • We offer a convenient location. We are located in Al Quoz, Dubai, which is a convenient location for most people in Dubai.
  • We offer competitive prices. We offer competitive prices on all of our car detailing services in Dubai.


If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy auto detailing center for detailing your car in Dubai, then Protone Auto Care is the perfect choice for you. We offer a wide range of services, including wheel alignment, oil changes, brake repairs, engine repairs, and more. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and value. We offer a free inspection, a warranty on our work, and competitive prices.

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Car Detailing Services FAQs:

The cost of car detailing services depends on the type of car you drive and the detailing services opted. Our car detailing services in Dubai will cost between AED 150 and AED 400.

Detailing can improve the appearance of scratches, but it may not completely remove deep or severe scratches from the car’s paintwork. The effectiveness of scratch removal during detailing depends on the depth and severity of the scratches. 

Yes, car detailing can effectively remove many types of stains from the interior surfaces of a vehicle. Professional car detailing services employ various techniques and specialized cleaning products to tackle different types of stains and restore the interior to its original condition.

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