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Car AC Repair in Al Quoz, Dubai

The Importance of Regular AC Servicing in Dubai

Regular AC servicing is crucial for several reasons as it plays a significant role in maintaining the comfort and safety of your vehicle. Here’s why regular AC servicing for your car is important:

  • Optimal Cooling Performance. Regular servicing ensures that your car’s AC system functions at its best, providing effective and consistent cooling. Clean and well-maintained components allow for better airflow and cooling capacity, especially during hot weather conditions in Dubai.
  • Improved Air Quality. The AC system filters and circulates the air inside your vehicle. Regular servicing includes cleaning or replacing the cabin air filter, removing dust, pollen, and pollutants.
  • Prevention of Costly Repairs. Regular maintenance can help detect potential issues early on, allowing for timely repairs before they turn into more significant and costly problems. Addressing minor AC issues proactively can save you from major repair expenses down the road.
  • Extended AC System Lifespan. Proper maintenance and servicing extend the lifespan of your car’s AC system. Regular check-ups and tune-ups help prevent premature wear and tear, ensuring your AC performs optimally for years to come.
  • Fuel Efficiency. A well-maintained AC system operates more efficiently, leading to better fuel economy. Neglecting AC servicing might cause the system to work harder, increasing fuel consumption and expenses.

Regular AC servicing is not just about comfort but also essential for maintaining the longevity, efficiency, and safety of your car’s AC system. Schedule regular servicing with Protone Auto Care, a trusted automotive service provider in Dubai, UAE.

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Our AC Repair Services

Protone Auto Care is your premier destination for car AC repair services in Dubai. Our range of AC repair services include:

  • AC Gas Refill. We provide professional AC gas refill services to ensure your car’s air conditioning system operates at its optimal cooling capacity.
  • AC Compressor Replacement. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and replace faulty AC compressors, restoring the functionality of your AC system.
  • AC Condenser Repair. Our experts can repair or replace damaged AC condensers, which are crucial for dissipating heat and maintaining proper AC function.
  • AC Leak Detection and Repair. We use advanced tools to detect refrigerant leaks and perform necessary repairs, preventing further AC system damage.
  • AC Blower Motor Repair. If your AC blower motor is malfunctioning, we can repair or replace it to restore proper airflow and cooling performance.
  • AC Electrical System Diagnosis. Our technicians are equipped to diagnose and fix electrical issues that may affect your car’s AC performance.
  • AC Vent Cleaning. We clean and sanitize AC vents to ensure clean and fresh air circulation inside the vehicle.
  • AC System Performance Check. Our comprehensive AC system performance check ensures all components are functioning correctly for optimal cooling.
  • AC Control Panel Repair. If there are issues with your AC control panel, we can diagnose and repair or replace it to restore full control of your AC settings.

Signs Of A Bad Car Air Conditioning System

Signs of a bad AC (air conditioning) system in your car include:

  • Weak or Insufficient Cooling. If your AC system is not providing enough cooling or takes longer to cool the interior, it may indicate a problem with the compressor, refrigerant levels, or other components.
  • No Cold Air. If the AC system is blowing air, but it’s not cold, it could be due to a refrigerant leak, a faulty compressor, or issues with the expansion valve.
  • Frequent Cycling On and Off. Rapid or frequent cycling of the AC compressor may point to low refrigerant levels, an electrical issue, or a malfunctioning pressure switch.
  • Foul Odors from AC. Musty or unpleasant smells when the AC is on could be due to mold or mildew growth inside the system, a clogged cabin air filter, or a dirty evaporator coil.


If you experience any of these signs, it’s essential to have your car’s AC system inspected and repaired by a qualified automotive technician. Regular maintenance and prompt AC system repairs can help ensure your comfort and the proper functioning of the AC system during hot weather conditions in Dubai.

Why Choose Protone Auto Care for Your Car AC Repair in Al Quoz, Dubai?

There are many reasons why you should choose Protone Auto Care for your car AC repair  in Al Quoz, Dubai. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • We are a reputable and experienced auto repair center. We have been in business since 2002 and have a team of experienced mechanics who are experts in car AC repairs.
  • We offer a free inspection. We will inspect your vehicle for any other problems before we perform the AC repairs for your car.
  • We offer a warranty on our work. We are confident in our work and offer a warranty on all of our car AC repairs services.
  • We offer a convenient location. We are located in Al Quoz, Dubai, which is a convenient location for most people in Dubai.
  • We offer competitive prices. We offer competitive prices on all of our car AC repair services in Dubai.


If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy auto repair center for your car AC repairs in Al Quoz, Dubai, then Protone Auto Care is the perfect choice for you. We offer a wide range of services, including wheel alignment, oil changes, brake repair, engine repairs, and more. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and value. We offer a free inspection, a warranty on our work, and competitive prices.

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Car AC Repairs FAQs:

The cost of car AC repair varies depending on the type of car you drive. In general, car AC repairs in Dubai will cost between AED 150 and AED 1,500.

Possible reasons for a car AC not cooling include low refrigerant levels, a faulty compressor, refrigerant leaks, clogged filters, or a malfunctioning AC system component. Seek professional inspection and repair.

Looking for a car AC repair specialist near you? Protone Auto Care is a reputable auto repair center in Al Quoz, Dubai that offers diagnostics & repairs for your car’s air conditioning system. Book an appointment with us today!

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